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A New High-Resolution, Surround Music Album on Blu-ray

Los Angeles-based composer, producer, engineer, and artist JMK announces his debut album of electro-acoustic tracks.

JMK Statement

This project is the result of my increasing interest in immersive music composition and reproduction. Some years ago, I upgraded my studio to full 5.1 capability and started imagining and producing all of my music in surround. This collection of compositions is the result of these new developments.

I’ve always had an interest in combining acoustic instruments and synthesis. This collection of tracks was not computer generated. Each track began with modular analog synthesizers and then augmented with acoustic instruments. This hybrid approach infuses the music with a human feel, which I regard as an important component of all music.

After years of creating music in surround, I realized I had amassed a large catalog of tracks. I shared a few mixes with a friend of mine who convinced me to “put it out there.”

Thus began my quest to figure out how best to release high-resolution, surround music, which is not a mainstream format. The search led me to Mark Waldrep owner of AIX Records, who has released award-winning music in this format for almost 20 years. After we decided to partner, Mark created the videos and graphics for the project.

This project embodies the independent spirit of making music. I hope it inspires others to take chances in creating and releasing music that is not based on popularity but is created out of passion.

JMK is an independent musician, composer, mixer, producer, and synthesist living and working in Los Angeles.

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The album contains three unique audio mixes. Simply use the AUDIO button on your Blu-ray remote to select from among:

High Resolution Audio

Recorded and mixed at 96 kHz/24-bit PCM, this album represents the state-of-the-art in high-resolution fidelity.

5.1 Surround Mixes

Mixed in aggressive 5.1 surround, the tunes immerse you in the midst of complex melodic and rhythmic textures of analog and electronic sounds

2.0 Stereo Mixes

Standard 2.0 channel stereo mixes are included on the disc and can be accessed by simply changing the audio stream.

Surround Headphone Mixes

Experience the actual sound of the artist’s mixing studio by selecting the 5.1 surround headphone mix, a binaural rendering of the entire album.


The JMK Blu-ray is much more than a surround music album. Each track has a highly synchronized computer animation. Check out the trailer below.



JMK composed and performed 12 new tracks in his studio. They are comprised of analog and digital synths, digital effects processing, acoustic drums and piano, and a variety of instrumentation.

  • Prophet    
  • Bubbles    
  • Stand Up     
  • Bounce    
  • Dystopia    
  • 55 2    
  • Omega    
  • Risky 1    
  • Toughen Up    
  • Climb    
  • Spaceland    


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