JMK Blu-ray Disc


12-song ElectroAcoustic Album by JMK featuring 5.1, binaural and stereo mixes with computer animated videos.

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The Blu-ray album contains 12 new Electro-Acoustic compositions by LA-based musician, producer, and performer JMK. Each track has an accompanying animated video AND can be heard in three different mixing perspectives. The featured mix is an aggressive 5.1 surround presentation for listeners with surround playback systems.  There is also an alternative standard 2-channel stereo mix. For headphone fans, JMK captured the sound of his 5.1 PMC-equipped studio with a Sennheiser Ku-100 “Fritz” binaural head. The binaural mix provides an immersive “you are there” experience that has to be heard to be believed.


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